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This is first played at the end of ", Variation #24 features the same eerie discordant chimes from variation 22, but this time, another part is added. I think I might be Steven Universe - Stronger Than You Tabbed by: Ash (XxThreeCheersxX) email: There's a few different electronic basslines running around in this song, so I stuck with the roots of the chords and some fills to make it simpler. Steven Universe had sustained me through the pandemic. In the final second, the motif of the theme transposes to a higher key. Throughout Seasons 2 and 3, the song "Love Like You" was slowly built up, a new verse being added every few episodes. Featuring Kate Micucci. Love Like You/Nothing Like You When Steven asks if Lars would like to join him, the mention of Ronaldo causes Lars to mean-spiritedly decline, deeming Ronaldo a "social napalm". Sadie and the Cool Kids consult how they can improve their recording before Barbwa… At the end, there is a whale-like sound. I'm calling you from the other side, For Just One Day Let’s Only Think About (Love), We Are the Crystal Gems (Change Your Mind Version). There are no lyrics. This first played at the end of ", Variation #23 is another one-off variation, which is not a Steven Universe song at all, but a continuation of ", A version of the Ending Theme with a longer piano intro can be heard in another song, ", A part of the ending theme is used for the. Jenny Pizza asks why Steven is recording it on an old camcorder. In the movie, it is sung by Steven after he regains his powers and clashes with Spinel in the final battle on top of her Injector. Throughout the "Barn Arc", however, Variation 16 was played instead (see Other Variations). This version is faster and jazzier (first played at the end of ", Variation #17 is a continuation of "Nothing Like You" (Variation 15) with the same melody but different lyrics, titled "Adore You" (first played at the end of ", Variation #18 is the next verse of "Love Like You", titled "Right By You", and first plays at the start of ", Variation #19 is the penultimate verse of "Love Like You", titled "How Long It Took", and plays at the end of ", Variation #20 is the final verse of "Love Like You", titled "Love me like you" and only plays at the end of the episode ", Variation #21 lacks any music, instead consisting of the sounds of waves crashing and Steven's clothes on the line flapping in the wind (first played at the end of ", Variation #22 features eerie discordant chimes that are not very musical. (First played at the end of ", Variation #9: Electric Guitar with a new melody. An Ending Theme is a song that plays during the credits of each episode of Steven Universe. Steven Universe… Aivi & SurasshuRebecca Sugar Kate Micucci Let Me Ska My Van into Your Heart. sad song even know its cool. That Distant Shore 3. Steven Universe Sadie Killer and the Suspects. But I'm suddenly up and out of bed It played after ", Variation #34 is similar to variation 18. Changes to the ending theme are very common throughout the show. Rebecca Sugar) - End Credits and more from Steven Universe. Difficulty: novice. This theme has a similar motif to 27, though features different ambient sounds and slight "funky" digital distortion near the end. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In this episode, Steven, Jenny, Buck and Sour Cream form a band and invite Sadie to join. This version has only played once, at the end of ", Variation #10: Static. It played after ", Variation #16 is an ominous, creepy acoustic guitar with insect noises and no lyrics. Crystal Clear - A Steven Universe Series S3 • E33 Steven Universe Season 5 Is Done With Filler [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear - Duration: 11:15. Variation #2: Classic + Glockenspiel (first played at the end of "Cheeseburger Backpack"). Kate Micucci) Steven Universe ... G-G-G-Ghost (feat. Even a non-serious, complete beginner can strum out the songs. Why can't you see that I'm right here, that I'm right here This variation is first played at the end of ", Variation #29 is the continuation of variation 28.

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