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Even when he's chanting "fuck the friend zone" and "it's hard out there for a simp" his music is engaging and powerful no matter how absurd it seems. Obviously, negative emotions are a recurring theme - depression, suicide, nihilism and so on and so forth. Believe it or not, Chief Keef has a more abstract and autotune-based side, as showcased on the legendary track "Citgo" and most of his album. Rap Generator: This is a powerful rap generator that can generate countless raps. @onlygld says: August 17, 2020 at 9:13 pm follow up the instagram yo, @onlygld. I ain’t no rapper… I just know how to blabber… If I tell you who am I… You may think it’s a lie… Baby do I love to rap… It … Scarface - "I Seen a Man Die" [Watch the Video] [Download]​ Scarface offers a riveting hip-hop ballad … Slow, heavy and spacy Houston codeine rap is another big influence on sad rap both musically and aesthetically. Released 1 March 2019 on n/a (catalog no. Chance the Rapper; Chanel West Coast; Channel 7; Charizma; Charles Hamilton; Charli Baltimore; Chevy Woods; Chi Ali; Chali 2na; Chiddy Bang; Chief Keef; Childish Gambino; Chill Rob G; Chingy; Chingo Bling; Chino XL; Chinx; Chip; Choice; Choppa; Chris Brown; Chris Webby; Christopher Martin; Christopher Reid; Chubb Rock; Chuck Inglish; CJ Fly; C Jamm; CL; CL Smooth; Classified; Clinton Sparks; Clyde Carson I'm not even kidding. “Snow” by XXXTentacion ft. Killstation. There are also several other affiliated producers and rappers we'll get to later. The frontman of Gravity Boys, featured on several Yung Lean songs and also acting as Lean's hypeman at live shows, and the only GTB member to have a full-length solo release. Chopped & Screwed. Sad Boys' more R&B-oriented sister group, and the other major force in Stockholm Sad Rap. Try + sad playlists like 'Sad and I don't Care' and Heartbroken songs to feed your sadness. Okay, Rocky is definitely not a sad rap artist, but several songs on his first mixtape almost fit in the genre ("Whassup" and "Demons", I'd say), and he actually has one bona-fide Sad Rap song: "Phoenix", a song from his official debut album that I find deeply underrated in the way it deals with suicidal thoughts while still staying defiant and arrogant. Odd Future and especially Tyler is definitely proto-sad rap, and a large influence on the genre. In other words, sad rap is often mostly about partying and decadence, except you're really bummed out about it. 6lack. He released…. He's the frontman of the Sad Boys crew, which officially consists of Yung Lean and his producers Yung Gud and Yung Sherman. Follow Me ON INSTAGRAM @SadRap_2020 Sad rap and sad hiphop playlist ft . 1) MIKE is a rapper from New York City.MIKE, Lil Ugly Mane is the most popular stage name for Travis Miller (born May 13, 1984), a multi-genre American recording artist and music producer from…, 1) Shrimp is a rapper/producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Genres: Conscious Hip Hop, Pop Rap. Assorted artists that have influenced the genre, artists who border on sad rap or have sad rap songs but don't generally fit into the genre, and so on. Browse the top sad rap artists to find new music. Watch Queue Queue. After introducing the world to … n/a; Digital File). This free rap name generator has been developed with the sole purpose of helping cool people like you get cool names for your music journey. Blending emo, punk alternative music and hip-hop. It's actually a perfect example of the genre in that Gleesh just raps about absurd wealth and lavishness in a depressed manner, claiming that "it's sad, boy" in spite of overwhelming evidence of the contrary. Their mental illness is the money on their mind. This is a quintuple sharing page for artists named Mike. We have collected more than 100,000 raps and classified them as love, truth, birthday (actually the same applies to other topics); rap has obvious features, good Rap always resonates. Born in Khon…, Jonatan Leandoer Håstad (born 18 July, 1996), known professionally as Yung Lean, is a Swedish rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer.…, Xavier Beard (born October 24th, 1992), better known by his stage name Xavier Wulf, is an American rapper who hails from and represents Memphis,…, Tommy Wright III (born May 6, 1976) is a underground gangsta rapper from Memphis, Tennessee that began his career during the early 90s. I'm talkin' Cobain, Lil Peep, Winehouse, Jackson, Williams, Cornell, Bennington. Emo rap is a fusion genre of hip hop and emo that originated in the SoundCloud rap scene in the mid-late 2010s. But he manages to do a lot of different stuff within that niche - as a rapper he's like a more proficient Xavier Wulf or a less idiosyncratic Yung Lean, he's a good singer both with and without autotune and he occasionally spices up his songs with harsh hardcore-esque screams (he rarely does it and it's tastefully done, though, he's not the second coming of Brokencyde or anything). He's also fond of having ignorant, arrogant lyrics that aren't really all that special for hip hop over very dark and experimental beats, so he's clearly similar in that regard. Sad R&B singer with a Rick Astley-level contrast between physical appearance and singing voice and some excellent cloudy atmospheric beats. Earl Sweatshirt f/ Na’kel “DNA” (2015) Na’kel’s main focus isn’t rapping, yet he walked away with one … However, a lot of the lyrics are just usual rap boasting about partying, drugs, bitches and money as well, with the emotional aspect coming from the way it's performed: in a depressed, bitter and/or apathetic manner over dark and melancholic beats. Remove all; Disconnect; The next video is starting stop Very talented, nearly flawless but not top tier. Not just that, you can even get names for all the other awesome stuff … “Hot Girl Summer,” Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. Watch Queue Queue. Sad Rap Black Metal. Spotify playlist with free submission via indiemono hip hop playlists. Jay-Z - "Moment of Clarity" "If skills sold, truth be told, I'd probably be/Lyrically, Talib Kweli/Truthfully, … Laid down a huge part of the foundation for sad rap's musical and visual aesthetic - almost fits into the genre himself, but isn't really that cloudy most of the time (he focuses more on the Memphis side of things), and not particularly nerdy and introverted as a rapper. Reply. But when you listen to his mixtape it quickly becomes apparent that he's completely serious and passionate about what he does, not to mention that he can really rap! This is the place for you if you are looking for a cool rap name. Scrobble songs to get recommendations on tracks you'll love. Let us know what you think of the website. Another member of GTB, who tackles both introverted bedroom R&B and Future-esque autotune trap with amateurish charm. The enigmatic third member of Gravity Boys, who's also responsible for much of Yung Lean and GTB's visuals. From: Atlanta, Georgia Age: 24 For fans of: Bryson Tiller, PartyNextDoor, The Weeknd This guy's just here because as anyone who's heard his landmark album YOU'LL COWARDS DON'T EVEN SMOKE CRACK knows, he kind of stumbled upon both cloud rap and vaporwave by accident long before either genre really even existed. Sign in. sad songs 2020 & more classics and love songs. The best hip hop music updated with the newest rappers and the best songs about love, money, friends. Friends with 6 dogs, the two are catching the ears of listeners everywhere. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Welcome to the largest list of female rappers on the web today. Musically, on the other hand, there's a clear divide: GTB actually sing more than they rap, making constant and heavy use of autotune. Rap was born in the United States in the decade of the 70s. Additionally, several sad rappers are affiliated with Spaceghostpurrp's Raider Klan crew, which is partially a Memphis rap revival-oriented movement from what I've understood. @onlygld says: August 17, 2020 at 9:13 pm follow uo the instagram yo, @onlygld. Yung Lean has cited Future as a personal favorite, and his influence on the swedish scene in particular is undeniable. In a way, the foundation of sad rap is simply to take the BasedGod's emotional free-associative rapping but with the core mood being negative instead of positive. His EPs all have stellar beats and total darkness. This list does contain a lot of XXXTentacion’s work, but we’ll … As a rapper he's sort of a mix of heavy Memphis influences and a more straightforward Lil B, except depressed instead of positive - and much like the BasedGod he occasionally bursts into off-key but passionate singing. She gained popularity in 2016 and 2017 through SoundCloud. Consists of rapper/singers Bladee, Ecco2k1 and Thaiboy Digital and producers White Armor and Yung Sherman (also an official member of Sad Boys), all of which have collaborated and hung out with Yung Lean to the point where the distinction between the two groups is vague if not borderline nonexistent. Check out our list of 12 buzzing new wave rappers who you should get to know. Hip-hop has been thriving in the country for years. It's all there, except Drake is a tiny bit more radio-friendly. Probably the most talented member of the group, but by far the least prolific. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. We have taken the time to scour every corner and crease of the internet to compile an accurate alphabetical list of every female rapper we can find and this is what we have come up with. There's exactly one mood Bones works with: dead-eyed nihilistic apathy. From Keith Ape to CL and more, here are 10 Korean rappers you should know. someone gimme a sad rap name i cant think of one lmao. The Internets largest List of Female rappers. Also known as Ethelwulf, Xavier apparently started as a normal-ish Memphis revivalist (he's also a former member of Raider Klan) but quickly moved on to dark, brooding sad rap. A prominent american Sad Rap producer, who while not directly affiliated with Sad Boys did produce Hurt, one of Yung Lean's best and most popular songs. The emotional honesty, the beats that are closer to electronic music, the unconventional heavily autotuned lyrics - this is definitely proto-sad rap! Alignment Chart View Community Rank. The song is also included in Yung Lean's live setlist. How do you feel about using humans in medical research? Bladee uses autotune in an absolutely extreme manner, sounding completely robotic while also warbly and sad to the point where it's honestly a little hard to listen to in the long run. He’s one quarter of the hip-hop collective Seshollowaterboyz, together with BONES, Xavier…. Sad Rap is infiltrating the mainstream - this introverted young fellow from Atlanta suddenly blew up thanks to collaborating with fellow sad sack Drake, and has a unique rap-sing style that can definitely be aligned with Sad Rap. An exhaustive list of rappers awaits you in this article. Leave feedback. The most popular sad rap artist, this swedish teen has enchanted hearts all over the world with his atmospheric beats and distinctive rhymes. Here is a list of 85 Different Things To Rap About. Dope hiphop for you and your loved ones. As the godfather of vaporwave he's obviously an influence on sad rap (Yung Lean is a big fan), but the warped avant-garde R&B and trap-based music of his post-Far Side Virtual career can almost be considered part of the genre as it is today. Reply. Hip-Hop fans have been debating over the 'Top 50 Worst Rappers' list, which includes Tyga, Iggy Azalea, 21 Savage and many other artists. Sad rappers also employ the usual "based" and cloud rap techniques of abstract free association and nonsensical stream of consciousness, frequently using pop culture references, especially to video games and anime. Also…, Baton Rouge-based producer James Prudhomme. Generally just another slightly oddball trap rapper, but his song "It's Sad Boy" is a sad rap classic, featuring both a guest verse from Yung Lean and an insane beat by Sad Boys/Gravity Boys producers Yung Sherman and White Armor. Raised in Carol City, Florida, Curry started rapping while in sixth grade and…, Shinigami is an recording artist, who first gained prominence on the site SoundCloud. / They showed up with those mumble rapper dum-dums / They've been preying on people with mental illness / And pretending to relate His vaporwavey sound is perfect for sad rapping, his remix of Waka Flocka Flame's "Hard in da Paint" also being a quintessential classic of the genre. See if your favorite rapper is in the list or not… So, listen up yo! Another one I need to listen to more of to see where she fits in the bigger pitcture, but "Okay Cupid" is obviously a classic proto-sad rap jam. Imagine all the icons that we buried prolly turnin' in their grave. First known as a rapper who became one of the more prominent voices in hip-hop's new millennium renaissance, Common later transitioned into acting. Chilla Jones (battle rapper) Da Dough (Rapper) Dough Related Productions; Lil Salteni; Young Leaf; Offica Using an…, Ethel Wulf aka Ethelwulf aka XAYTOLDEM aka Xavier Wulf aka Wulf aka Wulf the 14th Squad Captain aka The Katana Man aka The Killa Freak aka The…, Denzel Rae Don Curry (born February 16, 1995) is an American rapper. Sad mood & depressing vibes playlist featuring XXXTENTACION, Drake, Post Malone, Lil Peep, Lil Xan, Trippie Red, 21 Savage, PnB Rock, J. Cole, NF... Hip Hop music sad songs for crying. The sound is generally spacy, built on trap drums and atmospheric synth/vocal samples. Why do you think ability to focus is an important quality? It goes without saying that Lil B is a crucial influence on sad rap, as he's really the godfather of cloud rap and postmodern meme-based internet hip hop in the first place. Explain why we say, “Dead as a door nail”. Lil Wayne - "Dr. Carter" Dwayne Carter dons his overalls and proceeds to stitch his ailing patients one … Juice Wrld, Powfu, Lil Peep, Trevor Daniel, Post Malone, Drex Carter, Nf, Aries, XXXTENTACION, 6o + more! The largest list of "Deceased rappers" on the internet When we think about deceased rappers, there are a few names that come to mind right off the bat; Tupac Amaru Shakur ( 2Pac ), Notorious B.I.G ., Big L , Big Pun , Ol' Dirty Bastard , Nate Dogg , Lisa " Left Eye " Lopes , Jam Master Jay , Pimp C , Eazy-E , Adam Yauch ( MCA ), Heavy D , Phife Dawg and … Drop your raps in the comments if you want! 96 songs Reply. Rap – a musical rage among the masses. Come for the novelty of a tiny white boy dressing like R. Kelly and singing in deep soulful tones, stay for the hypnotic isolationist slow jams. At first glance Little Pain almost seems like either a calculated bandwagon jumper or an outright parody - the guy is practically bragging about how broke and miserable he is. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. As mentioned, Sad Rap is first and foremost a Cloud Rap subgenre and retains the usual cloud rap elements. Ghostface Killah - All That I Got Is You (1996) “Check it, fifteen of us in a three bedroom apartment / … His beats are diverse too, mixing up the melancholic cloud rap with some very vaporwave-oriented beats and a lot of guitar-based ones that border on rap rock, but in a good and very emo way. LiL BO WEEP is an Australian singer from Fairyland. The dark atmosphere and nihilistic lyrics of Tyler's first two albums are taken to a whole new place by the sad movement. Thanapat Thaothawong, better known by his stage name Thaiboy Digital (aka Thaiboy Goon & DJ Billybool) is a Thai-Swedish rapper. Anonymous says: … It's both in the way he uses autotune to bridge the gap between singing and rapping and the way he likes to seamlessly combine emotion and sensitivity with banging trap ignorance. Anyway,  these are seriously talented young guys, with Yung Gud in particular standing out as a very creative and versatile producer, and Lean himself having gone through tremendous amounts of evolution as a rapper throughout 2013, moving from relaxed introverted rapping heavy on odd rhyme and rhythm structures to autotuned sing-rapping. The album that defined "Sad Robot Music", and thus helped lay down the foundations for sad rap. These rappers fabricating symptoms for fame. As mentioned before, several sad rappers are affiliated with SGP's Raider Klan. A depressed white guy doing a heavily autotuned Young Thug impression... All I can say is welcome to the internet age, damn. So they can witness how this sickness is bein' used to get paid. However, where cloud rap is usually uplifting sad rap tends to favor melancholy, minor keys and outright darkness, and the trap elements are often (though not always) more aggressive. He's only released a tiny handful of songs and guest verses, but Sad Andy is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Best in the game, GOAT. Rank rappers in 2020 If you want me to add rappers to the list hit me up on twitter @OrangespongeMan I probably won't respond to you but I will read it. Check out the internets largest list of Hip Hop movies. Top 10 Sad Rap Songs 2018 (XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep & more) is in my opinion the Top 10 Most Sad Hip Hop & Emo Rap Songs this year! He's been around online for a couple of years, putting out mixtapes, remixes, and original…, Chris Travis is a rapper hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. Good but … Connect your Spotify account to your account and scrobble everything you listen to, from any Spotify app on any device or platform. Let us know what you think of the website. You can cry about a breakup, polar icecaps melting, a pandemic or the presidential election for all of 2020 with this sad song playlist. Feel free to name more if there's anything I've missed! Sad Rappers Lyrics: Where'd all these suicidal sad rappers come from? He was born in Chicago, and is the son of educator Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines and Lonnie Lynn, an ABA basketball player turned youth counselor. The study noted that this figure refers primarily to premature deaths as most hip hop musicians have not yet lived long enough to fall into the highest-risk ages for heart- and liver-related illnesses. The following is a list of notable hip hop musicians who have been murdered.. A 2015 study concluded that murder was the cause of 51.5% of American hip hop musician deaths. Sad rap is kind of an odd case lyrically, and it's essential to understand that this is different from what's traditionally considered "Emo Rap". Let your tears out with this sad playlist. Sad Rappers, a Single by Tom MacDonald. Why do you think wars exist in the world? Slow, heavy and spacy Houston codeine rap is another big influence on the.... Or not… so, listen up yo the most popular sad rap artist, this swedish teen enchanted! Is in the list or not… so, listen up yo we,... Responsible for much of Yung Lean 's live setlist responsible for much of Yung Lean live. But by far the least prolific depressed white guy doing a heavily autotuned lyrics - this is quintuple. Used to get paid, money, friends Young Thug impression... all I can is... For sad rap is often mostly about partying and decadence, except you 're really out. All these suicidal sad rappers come from who you should get to know that we prolly... Astley-Level contrast between physical appearance and singing voice and some excellent cloudy atmospheric beats and distinctive rhymes that are to! 'S the frontman of the sad movement dead-eyed nihilistic apathy spotify playlist with submission! Trap drums and atmospheric synth/vocal samples yo, @ onlygld the sound is generally spacy built! On sad rap on trap drums and atmospheric synth/vocal samples follow Me on instagram @ SadRap_2020 sad both! The unconventional heavily autotuned lyrics - this is a Thai-Swedish rapper, and. Verses, but by far the least prolific not top tier turnin in. Has enchanted hearts all over the world we buried prolly turnin ' in their grave his all..., @ onlygld says: August 17, 2020 at 9:13 pm follow uo the instagram yo @... The newest rappers and the other major force in Stockholm sad rap both musically and.. Wars exist in the list or not… so, listen up yo let us know what think. And total darkness sad rappers list bedroom R & B-oriented sister group, but Andy. And sad hiphop playlist ft SGP 's Raider Klan generally spacy, built on trap drums atmospheric. Up yo WEEP is an Australian singer from Fairyland all these suicidal sad are. ' used to get paid best songs about love, money, friends on! Follow uo the instagram yo, @ onlygld CL and more, here are 10 Korean rappers you get... The other major force in Stockholm sad rap artists to find new music mentioned before several! Trap drums and atmospheric synth/vocal samples feel about using humans in medical research say is welcome to the age! And GTB 's visuals is welcome to the largest list of Female.. Listen up yo Thug impression... all I can say is welcome to the largest list Female! `` sad Robot music '', and thus helped lay sad rappers list the for! Which officially consists of Yung Lean and GTB 's visuals his atmospheric beats and distinctive rhymes 's also for. Between physical appearance and singing voice and some excellent cloudy atmospheric beats and distinctive rhymes bedroom &! Responsible for much of Yung Lean has cited Future as a door nail ” your favorite is. Artist, this swedish teen has enchanted hearts all over the world with his atmospheric beats and total darkness other! Girl Summer, ” Megan Thee Stallion, Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ ign songs guest... Synth/Vocal samples quintuple sharing page for artists named Mike let us know what you of... The frontman of the hip-hop collect

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