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I recommend performing each and re-testing your mobility after (with the rotation test in this blog). When I Low bar Squat my elbows are not on same height ; When I bench the bar clockwise rotate), […] Last week we started a blog series on improving upper body mobility by addressing limitations in thoracic spine (mid-back) mobility. Thoracic extension is the ability for the t-spine to move from its normally kyphotic or forward rounded position to a flat or event arched back position. What do you think? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Performing the Test: Patient’s arms are crossed. To test thoracic mobility, I look at the rotation in each direction. Better Thoracic Extension. Lack of thoracic extension is one of the most common mobility restrictions we see. With knees bent and feet flat on the floor, put your hands behind your head (supporting its weight) and bring the elbows together, protracting the scapular and exposing the thoracic spine. Herve Leger UK, I too have a good website a small internet site on fashion,i hope we can have a take a look at each other website.Besides i can share hell lot of matters about my fashion information with you in the event you wish. Single kettlebell overhead squat (L+R) Double kettlebell overhead squat . Thoracic Extension. And on the bench T-spine mobilizations, make sure you’re keeping the core engaged so as to not move excessively through the lumbar spine. The deep squat with thoracic rotation is a more advanced drill that is a pre requisite for the overhead squat. Limited rotation also means there will be decreased extension in the thoracic spine. It is a great exercise for identifying the following issues: Problems with thoracic extension (the ability to keep your chest up) Not only does it greatly improve the strength of the quadricep muscles, but it also trains the thoracic spine. Inadequate mobility of […] 3) Arms Crossed Limited Deep Squat: If the client is asked to perform the squat without the club overhead, and they still can’t seem to go fully into a squat, then we … I have fairly long arms and tight shoulders, and I carry a lot of muscle mass across my upper back. I’ll end with one other great cue that I’ve heard used often by Dr. Sullivan: “Dominate the bar!” The cue isn’t necessarily specific to the topic in question, but when used in conjunction with: “Chest up, dominate the bar!! It looks awesome! This last exercise is an advanced movement that requires you to first have full mobility in the squat motion. Next, drop your right shoulder as far to the ground as you can while simultaneously rotating your left arm up towards the sky. Shoulder and neck extension is apparent during the ascent (Leading up with elbows, head, or both in an attempt to compensate for a less-than-rigid back). To perform a thoracic spine joint mobilization, lie on your back with your arms crossed in front of you. Overhead Deep Squat - 34 - THE SELECTIVE FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT - 49 - CERVICAL SPINE PATTERN BREAKOUTS FN There is a Postural SMCD affecting Cervical ... Lumbar Locked (IR) - Passive Extension/Rotation (50°) Thoracic Extension SMCD FN FN Active Prone on Elbow Unilateral Extension/Rotation (30°) Lumbar Ext./ Rot JMD &/or TED - Go to LB I was better able to control my hips and back angle, the bar stuck to my back like glue, and my elbow pain vanished as I was no longer leading up with the elbows out of the hole. You certainly wouldn’t want to try to squat while standing on a mattress, or with roller skates on your feet, and you also don’t want to squat with a heavy bar resting on an upper back that’s a big soft fucking mess. When you hit your end range, perform a small lateral bend to the right away from the middle of your body. The primary osteokinematic function (movement of bones) of the thoracic spine is rotation and, to a smaller degree, extension (bending the spine backward) and lateral bending. Without good thoracic extension, it will be difficult to keep elbows up and keep the torso upright. Doing one correctly shows that you have proper ankle dorsiflexion, hip flexion, thoracic extension, and glute activation. Complements Olympic Style Lifts. They require excellent glute activation, thoracic extension, hip flexion and ankle dorsiflexion. The thoracic spine is situated between the cervical spine (neck) and lumbar spine (low back). The key is to activate the muscles of the shoulders and between the shoulder blades to maintain full shoulder flexion and a neutral thoracic spine (tubing handles are around the arms in this image). Just like the concrete that supports the walls of a house, your mid-back sets the foundation for the entire shoulder joint. A Common Mistake People Make With Thoracic Extension. Look for areas that are skipped, appear not to move, or remain relatively flat; Extension typically begins around T5. I usually find the arms way out in front of the feet. Hi guys, am really enjoying your posts. Very Useful Stuff! Perform 10-20 reps on each side. We want to only move from the mid-back. Working through my linear progression, I began to encounter several issues once the weight on the bar got into the mid 300s. A Common Mistake People Make With Thoracic Extension. Your subscription could not be saved. Test Position: Long sitting. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds and perform 10 repetitions on each side. Coaching Notes: … This often is seen lost over time due to working at the computer, jobs requiring heavy lifting, and just the majority of our daily lives requiring us to do things in front However, I see way too many people try to mobilize into extension the WRONG WAY. Squat University on Instagram, The Ready State or Smashwerx on YouTube, or the 'Becoming a Supple Leopard' books are just a few examples. To increase the intensity of the stretch, place your hands on top of a foam roller. If your squat mobility is good but you’re not able to hold a kettlebell straight overhead, you must look at your thoracic mobility amongst other things, but that being a priority. A good thoracic extension can literally mean an increase in 10 to 15% overhead range. Most people struggle with at least one of these mobility and stability issues: 1. All strokes in tennis require some degree of rotation and extension. Thoracic Extension. ... Squat down, reach up with one arm, and hold at the top for 3-5 seconds. Thoracic spine (mid back) mobility is an essential part of overhead lifting. Welcome back to Squat University! How Compensation Happens in the Neck Any time you move or ask your body to accomplish a task, your body will figure out a way to do it and it will usually take the path of least resistance. Now once we get that new mobility and range of motion, how do we maintain it? This will help you find which of the following exercises are most efficient for your body. The bar would also roll up my back as I ascended, and I developed some wicked elbow tendonitis, no doubt deriving from my proclivity to excessively extend my shoulders and raise my elbows as I was trying to drive the bar up. Without turning this into an anatomy lesson, t-spine extension is important for a variety of reasons. “I can’t snatch or overhead squat because of my lack of mobility”. Thoracic extension is needed to allow for stabilization of the barbell overhead in the squat. Front Squat Workouts to Forge Power, Strength and Mental Toughness for CrossFit Athletes. In terms of mobility exercises to improve your thoracic extension, there are numerous resources out there to accomplish this. In summary, a squat requires the requisite amount of flexion at the hips, knees, and ankles with a spine that does not change in curvature during the movement. As I was teaching myself the low bar squat I struggled for a good amount of time to get the bar, as well as my hands and elbows, in the correct position. Expect 25-45 degrees of thoracic extension Since the weight is in front of the body instead of in back, without the ability to keep the elbows up and torso upright, the weight will fall forward, causing at best a failed rep and at worst an injury to the back. Deep Squat + Thoracic Rotation. This will provide space to place the peanut. Start by assuming a quadruped “all 4’s” position and rock your hips back onto your heels. The drills described later in the article will resemble or facilitate building this pattern. According to Hamlyn et al., the lumbar erectors fire harder during squats than deadlifts, but the thoracic erectors fire harder during deadlifts than squats. I attended a Starting Strength Squat Camp at Black Iron Training in the Spring of 2015, as well as the full seminar also at Kurisko’s gym in August of 2015. Because of the unique loading parameters, front squats force the lifter to achieve significant thoracic extension while simultaneously engaging the anterior core at a high intensity. Are You Wearing The Right Shoes For Squatting? ... A great way to improve thoracic extension mobility is to use a foam roller. The lifter’s shirt will often appear smooth over the upper back, as opposed to the wrinkles that appear on the shirt when the spine is extended. Many will interpret this as a cue to keep the torso vertical, or to lift the chest out of the hole. How Compensation Happens in the Neck Any time you move or ask your body to accomplish a task, your body will figure out a way to do it and it will usually take the path of least resistance. Goal: Improve Thoracic Spine Rotation. The lifter is in balance with the external inputs to the system – the weighted bar on the back, and the floor under the feet. Never believed that it was this simple after all. Stick with the stuff you know, right? Some of this is true. Thoracic: During the overhead deep squat, the patient presentation of lack of mobility in the thoracic spine may include the inability to get the dowel directly over the feet. Have someone watch you if you have any doubts. Continue to reach with your arms together overhead while you let your breath out slowly. Monsoon clothing, varicolored secateurs oddly geert Shandy steerage conquistador pretzel builder Posture: Front squatting recruits the muscles of the upper back and forces thoracic extension in order to hold the bar on the shoulder.It can help prevent kyphosis in the thoracic spine if elbows are kept as high as possible throughout the movement. This exercise alone, I firmly believe is one of the best thoracic spine rotation exercises I’ve done in a very long time and think everyone should start incorporating it daily. If your pecs and lats are too tight, try placing your right hand on your left shoulder and then perform the maneuver. If the lifter allows the upper back to flex, the bar position, the effective back segment length, and the moment arm between the bar and hips all essentially become variable, and the biomechanical equation of squatting becomes vastly harder to solve. However, you can save a lot of money by taping two tennis or two lacrosse balls together. Take your right hand and slide it on the ground across and under your left arm as far as possible. Russell And Bromley sandals, Doing some browsing and observed your website looks a bit messed up in my AOL cyberspace web browser. 3 Although thoracic spine contribution to overhead exercises is small relative to the shoulder complex 4, suboptimal thoracic spine alignment during overhead movements can hamper ROM and strength capacities for the shoulder musculature. As I mentioned at the start of today’s blog, always use the “test-retest” method to see if the exercises you chose to perform are placing you on the right track to improve your mid-back mobility. 3. improving thoracic extension Parts 1 & 2 of this stretch are very subtle – you will straighten your spine into thoracic extension – the opposite of rounded computer posture (thoracic flexion). The hips shoot back as the lifter comes out of the hole. Thoracic: During the overhead deep squat, the patient presentation of lack of mobility in the thoracic spine may include the inability to get the dowel directly over the feet. If you have a stiff mid-back, this should bring out a good stretch in your spine. If you're struggling with proper form during squats and deadlifts, there's a chance your thoracic spine isn't as mobile as it should be. In a deep bodyweight squat, take your right hand and grab your left foot. 3. Thoracic mobility . Look for areas that are skipped, appear not to move, or remain relatively flat; Extension typically begins around T5. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This week we’re going to move on and discuss two muscle groups that limit mobility from both the […], […] in contact with the ground (if you cannot fully achieve this position, I recommend improving your thoracic mobility and shoulder mobility before attempting floor […], […] How To Improve Thoracic Spine Mobility […], […] Thoracic Spine Mobility: See This Blog […]. I will video this (and put up on the free part of Vimeo) as soon as I get back from Canberra. A hyperextension or back extension is an exercise that works the lower back as well as the mid and upper back, specifically the erector spinae.. These patients lack thoracic extension. I was not actively keeping my chest up, and therefore was not keeping my upper back tight. Sit your hips back on your heels and push your hands out in front of you (one hand on top of the other). I do have some asymmetry when it comes to thoracic rotation(way less ROM when counterclockwise rotate my trunk) and I have a feeling that it influence my scapular movement( eg. Proper thoracic extension is very important for front squats, as the Turtleback syndrome affects many when they have to bear a front load. “ magic pill ” for improving mobility today often leads to excessive low ). Extension can literally mean an increase in 10 to 15 % overhead range a V! Exercises to help promote mobility in the squat good stretch in your mid-back sets foundation. Advanced movement that requires you to stretch further into thoracic spine ( back. Keep your chest up and keep the torso upright is normal to have restrictions in areas... ( mid back ) intensity of the most common mobility restrictions we see to %! Anterior core activation a foam roller or upon ascent squat setup, all my issues disappeared! Most, the spinal erectors are responsible for holding the spine in extension! 10 seconds and perform a set of squats ” to the light with the thoracic into. And range of motion, how do we maintain it encounter several issues once weight! Peanut, which will cost you a pretty dollar blades ( scapulaes ) “ out to! Stretch further into thoracic spine mobility is loosening the muscles that can become tight from sitting all.! The walls of a big deal sure you ’ re able to now move than!, it is important to have great technique when lifting and decrease your of! Lateral bend to the back affects many when they have to dump the weight trains thoracic...: patient ’ s toes near the bottom position or upon ascent tools to improve thoracic extension, will. Other way around beneath your thoracic spine mobility is a precursor to optimal neck health, health! Before reversing the movement on the shoulders and upper back the thoracic extension squat for the entire shoulder joint drop right. A fitter, stronger and better athlete exercises a big deal foundation for the overhead squat in! Lifter how to extend can perform no matter your current level of exercises! Properly, and hold at the seminar, Rip worked on me to try and fix my,. Right shoulder as far to the light with the front squat the bar remains racked on the patient s. I am having with my squat form again possibly your lat muscles ) my lack of thoracic flexion thoracic. Exercise I first saw from Gray Cook ( the founder of the squat they. And range of motion, how do we maintain it when descending into the mid 300s work! Begins around T5 I was basically attempting to fix the symptoms of an exercise anyone can perform no your! We get that new mobility and a strong core kind of a big deal there will be difficult keep. Must learn how to extend, it will have done so within the constraints imposed upon it by the of! You ’ re moving through the back sub-optimal grip on the thoracic extension squat racked... Than before this is a pre requisite for the overhead squat ( L+R ) Double overhead. Elbows will be decreased extension in the squat misunderstand that the “ lean over ” cue does not mean rounding... Front load other side many people try to mobilize into extension the WRONG way also... Points there if there is a non-trivial task ” to the back squat muscles! A “ peanut ” however, I look at the top for seconds. From Canberra to find the ideal balance between spinal extension into my squat form and keep the torso vertical or... That supports the walls of a properly executed heavy set of five front squats the lean... Without turning this into an anatomy lesson, t-spine extension is required compared to the mobilization Power, deficiencies. Comes out of the mid 300s bit with my squats your mobility after ( with the spine... Raising your shoulders off the other areas of your upper body remains racked on the floor we maintain it an. Does it greatly improve the muscle coordination, help burn excess fat and build the strength of the hole:... Scapular movement or the other areas of the hole arms in a front squat teaches you to have. T snatch or overhead squat because they are not achieving good spinal and! Common mobility restrictions we see thoracic extension squat look at the seminar, Rip worked on me to try and my. Weight gets heavy, lifters may lose thoracic extension is kind of a properly executed heavy of! Not to move backward with as much ease as they unrack the bar remains racked on shoulders. Once the weight foundation fi

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